DCMS “consultation” on Gaming Machine Notification Deregulation

As part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, the DCMS has identified gaming machine notifications as a licensing process that can potentially be subject to deregulation.


Gaming Machine Notifications

Certain licensed premises are automatically entitled to offer up to 2 category C or D gaming machines but must first inform the licensing authority, provide certain information and pay a £50 fee.


In the event of a change of premises licence holder under the 2003 Licensing Act, it seems that the Gambling Act 2005 (s. 282(2)) requires pubs to ‘re-notify' the local licensing authority in respect of their 2 machines (at an additional cost of £50).


The DCMS considers having to “re-notify” a licensing authority overly burdensome and looking to introduce measures to deregulate aspect of this procedure.  These measures could eventually include:

  1. the fee being reduced or abolished altogether; and/or
  2. removing the need for a new alcohol licence premises holder to re-notify given that the entitlement of gaming machines has not been changed since originally registered?


Both the Institute of Licensing and NALEO are seeking views from their members to feedback to the DCMS that are looking for any statistics/data that can help inform an Impact Assessment associated with the proposals.