LGA Consult on Draft Licensing Fee Guidance

LGA Consult on Draft Licensing Fee Guidance The LGA has launched a consultation on its draft licensing fee guidance.  The draft guidance aims to help councils understand the full breadth of issues that should be considered when setting local licence fees in order to meet legal obligations, ensure licensing services are risk based and focused on local need and provide the necessary reassurances to local businesses.

The guidance does not contain a fees calculator.  The LGA stated that this is because this assumes a uniformity of service design and associated costs and it is vital that councils are free to design the service that best serves the needs of their community and recover costs accordingly. It has also not been possible to break down cost headings into individual chargeable items because this will vary from council to council.

The draft guidance has been subject to independent legal scrutiny, however, we would welcome all feedback from councils and stakeholders. Any comments should be sent to ian.leete@local.gov.uk by 29th November 2013.

It was last week reported that the Home Office will be publishing its consultation on locally set fees “imminently” but this has not happened yet.