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How to Use the Site

Licensing Resource ("LR") is a resource website for licensing practitioners. You can learn about navigating the site and finding information from the links below.



To aid accessibility and ease of use, documents and information may contain keys.  Below is a breakdown of these keys and what they mean.


UK UK as a whole
English Legislation England
Welsh Legislation Wales
Scotland Scotland
Report a Broken Link Report a Broken Link
Opens in a new Window Link Opens in a New or External Window or Tab
PDF Document PDF Document (see PDF and Word Documents below for more information)
PDF Document Word Document (see "PDF and Word Documents" below for more information)
Denotes a "See Also" link
Key Decision/Important Case Key or Important Decision
Internet Document


PDF and Word Documents


The majority of documents on this website are PDF documents which requires a PDF reader.  A PDF reader is free to download.


Some documents are MS Word (.doc) documents. These will require MS Office Word or a Word Reader.  The Word reader is also free to download.


How to Find Information

You can find information on LR in three ways, by using the search facility, by relevant tags or by clicking on the relevant category.

Search Function
The search box is located to the top left of the LR website.  You can use the search box to search for any key word(s) or phrases.

Licensing Resource Search

The content of LR is categorised by content tags. The content tags are located in the middle box at the top of every page.  You can click on the relevant content tag to be presented with all of the pages with that tag.

Licensing Resource Tag Search

Each page is listed under the “Browse by Category” menu.  To go directly to that page.

Licensing Resource Categories


How to Navigate the Site

LR is a repository for licensing related documents, information and material.  If you need help finding information, please refer to the “How to Find Information” section.


General information about LR can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of every page including the option to navigate back to the front page marked “Home”.


Information on privacy, accessibility and the Licensing Resource disclaimer can be found on the footer of each page.


On the footer you can also subscribe to the Licensing Resource news feed or share the site via a number of services such as Facebook and Twitter.


Access to some content or areas might be restricted to registered users.  If you are registered, you can log in via the log in form locates on the left hand side of the homepage.


Information you can find on Licensing Resource

Each page roughly follows the same format - Primary Legislation, Secondary, Legislation, Amendments, Case Law and Other Documents (like guidance, forms etc.).



Licensing Resource is a repository for licensing related documents, information and material.  However, it is not always possible to source certain material listed on LR, especially cases.


If there are references to cases or other documents where that document is not linked on LR but where you have a copy of that document, you can help to make LR better through contributing to its content by sending that document to


Please ensure that you have permission to copy or distribute that document.