NALEO calls for Deregulation Bill “Taxi” clauses to be droppedThe National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers (NALEO) has urged “every Local Authority and interested trade organisation” to lobby their Members of Parliament to have the Deregulation Bill “Taxi” clauses to be dropped when they are debated next week.

Breadth of discretion in respect of applications for Minor Variations – Admin CourtAn interesting licensing case in the Administrative Court recently.

The case concerned application for judicial review of a decision by Guildford Borough Council refusing to deal with an application for a minor variation.

BDRO Regulators’ Code comes into forceThe new Regulators’ Code, published by BRDO, came into force on April 6th.  All regulators, including licensing officers, is from this date under statutory duty to have regard to the Code when developing policies and operational procedures that guide their regulatory activities.


The Code sets out that regulators should:


The draft order extending the licensing hours for England’s world cup games has been published.  Subject to Parliamentary approval, the Order will come into effect on 12 June 2014.

The order will permitted extended licensing hours:

- From at 11pm on 14th June 2014 and ending at 1am on 15th June 2014;

It has been reported that the ban on the sale of alcohol below the cost of duty plus VAT, due to be implemented today, 6 April 2014, has been delayed.


Certain provisions of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 come into force today (1 April 2014).

 - Sections 1 to 7 Mobile Homes Act 2013

The Home Office has published an update to the list of accredited personal licence qualification providers.

The CIEH has been added to the list to offer the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders qualification.

The updated list of accredited training providers is:

The relaxation of licensing hours during the FIFA World Cup: Government responseFollowing the very short and recent Home Office consultation on proposals to relax licensing hours during the FIFA World Cup, the Government has now published its response.

Purdah delays publication of Taxi Bill to MayThe Law Commission has confirmed that there will be a further delay in publishing their report and final Taxi Bill.

The new date for the publication of their final report and Bill has now been set for May, 23rd 2014.


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